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About Us


FOA Certification Programs

Jane Bailey, owner and certified FOA instructor started in the communications industry in 1998 as a fiber splicer, and continues to balance turning tools with instructing. Fiber Optic Training Toronto -FOTT is pleased to offer-FOA Certified Fiber Optic Technician -CFOT courses.  Her passion for fiber is undeniable, and feels staying current with equipment and ever changing products and technology, gives her an edge which  has been proven with an excellent track record in the field.  Jane believes Peer to Peer training is a very effective training style for adults, and believes learning with the mind through lecture is important, however the real learning is when the technician gets their hands on the products. Fiber Optics training courses being offered are:

CFOT -Certified Fiber Optic tech -5 Day

FTTH -Fiber to the home -2day

OSP  -Outside Plant -2 day

CFOS-T Certified Fiber Optic Specialist -Testing 2 day

CFOS-N  -Certified Fiber Optic Specialist -Network Design

 DAS - Data to the Antenna -2 day


Customized Training

We are well aware that the needs of each individual or organization can vary.  With your input we can customize the training to meet your  individual needs. The FOA has a high standard for the curriculum which will be met in each course however we can use your equipment such as splicers, OTDRs, cleavers etc to ensure technicians are getting the maximum knowledge from the course.  No matter what type of hardware is being installed we can also customize the training to meet your customer needs.  In other words we will work with you to guarantee your technicians learn everyday real life skills that will help them install with confidence and ease.  They will be shown how to inspect, trouble shoot and problem solve the networks they are installing.  We will show them how to protect company assets through proper care and cleaning.  


FOA World Wide Recognition

5G is just around the corner.  Are you and your organization ready?  FOTT is ready to bring your technicians, project managers, engineers, whom ever you require, into our classroom, or come to your site to instruct and guide your personnel in achieving FOA certification.  Classes are designed for both the individual working in the industry or someone who is new to the field.  Customization of courses allows organizations to create fully certified splicing teams.  Knowledge is power.